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March 25, 2010

In the Catechism for Children the first few questions go like this:

Q. Who made you?
A. God made me.

Q. What else did God make?
A. God made all things.

Q. Why did God make you and all things?
A. For his own glory.

In a conversation with Claire (3) I was asked how God made us babies – a question she has asked her mother already, but was apparently not satisfied with the answer.

Here’s how this morning’s conversation went.

Claire: How did God make us babies?
Dad: He put you in Momma’s tummy.
Claire: But how?
Dad: He just did it.
Claire: Oh. That’s a good thing.
Dad: Yes, that’s a very good thing.
Claire: Yeah. God does all good things.
Dad: Yes, God does all good things.
Claire: Yeah. That’s why he gave me all things. That’s good.
Dad: ::blank stare::


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