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October 5, 2010

In a surprising turn of events, and a suitable bookend for the day, the dream guy called back just as I was packing up to leave for home. He offered a stiff rebuke for my having spoken of underwear which are, despite the fact that they are sold at the same Walmart in my dream (I’m not the only one, right?), offensive to the pure, noble and mystically called of God to preach.

In the end, my new friend and co-laborer in the gospel informed me that I was going to hell, and he was “not even joking.” I suggested that he would find a home in certain Baptist circles. I suspect I’ll be bumping into him at ministerial gatherings soon.

Clearly he has the gift.


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  1. Wait, was he saying you were going to hell for not following your dream as he believed God calls us to? Or is he rebuking you for using the word und*rwear?

  2. I’m pretty sure it was the expletive.

  3. iarehelopilot permalink

    SHAME ON YOU for your unholy obsession with undergarments and refusal to display them at Wal-Mart!

  4. What you failed to grasp in this brilliant observation is that your dreamer friend is referring to underwear as in Mormon underwear:
    He has mistaken you for a Mormon in Baptist clothing…or underwear.

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