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Five’s Not a Lot

November 6, 2010

I recently turned forty eight year old, which is the source of some amusement for my kids – especially Claire, who has yet to turn four. With a blend of earnestness and good-humored ribbing she often points to the gray in my beard and remarks how old I am, and how close to death I must be.

A couple of nights ago at dinner Claire was losing interest in her food or eating, or was just ready to move on to another activity, and she asked how many more bites she had to eat. (It’s what we do.) Marty said that she needed to eat five more bites. Claire looked delighted and said, “Five isn’t a lot.” Then, cutting her eyes in my direction then quickly away, she said, “Forty eight is a lot.”

I can only imagine the heights this will all reach when I’m fifty and she’s five.


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  1. iarehelopilot permalink

    Out of the mouths of babes… BTW, 48 IS a lot 😉

  2. Mom permalink

    You are still a very young man. Just remember that as you age, so do I! As you so aptly put it “So, Mom, tell me – how old does this make you feel?” I really am blessed to feel as good as I do – however, I can tell the age is creeping up on me.

  3. Savanah Warman permalink

    Hehe, your family sound a whole lot like ours 🙂 Only instead of talking about how many grey hairs my father has we talk about where on his head he no longer needs to shave 🙂

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