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Poor Woman

December 15, 2010

So, this morning I looked at Claire (now 4) and asked, “Claire, why are you getting so big?” What follows is how conversations go in our home.

Claire: Because I want to get babies. I want to get this many (holding up all ten fingers).

Dad: You want ten babies?

Claire: Uh huh, and they’re both going to sleep in the same bed.

Sam: Poor woman. She’ll never get that many babies. Claire, you can only have what God gives you.

Claire and Sam exit discussing the nuances of the above, their voices trailing off.

They have excellent writers.


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  1. God gives some people that many kids.

    However, when Joe was Claire’s age he wanted 100 babies. That’s a little different than 10, I think.

  2. Sam says he wants 100 babies…I just pray for his wife.

  3. What’s with the number 100? Joe and Sam aren’t the only boys who’ve stated they want 100 babies.
    2nd Sam wants 36.

    Matthew said he’s not sure if he is going to get married and have kids because he wants to be a pastor or a scientist and won’t be able to spend any time with his wife and kids if he does either of those jobs.

    Wonder how a 7 year old comes up with a crazy idea like that???

  4. What makes these stories so funny is I can hear both their voices saying these things- tone of voice, inflection… all critical to appreciating just exactly how hysterical these conversations are!

    Speaking of writers, Sam chides Wesley each time he sees him for not writing back yet. Each time Wesley says he won’t forget, and then he forgets again. I think his school assignment today will be to write Sam back.

    Yesterday we happened to be parked next to each other and after Wes hugged Sam and promised to write, he got into the back seat of our car. That window doesn’t roll down, so as he buckled in and I pulled away, Sam was still chiding non-stop about writing back. His words were muffled but we could make out something about keeping promises. He had Wesley laid pretty low. It was awesome.

  5. Savanah Warman permalink

    hahahaha. Ivy says she wants 20 babies and a pony for each one. And she says it often so I’m starting to think she’s serious.

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