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When He Leads Like She Tells Him To

January 20, 2011

Nothing stirs up trouble more than insisting that men lead their wives. I have preached sermons on several occasions in which I hauled out Ephesians 5, Colossians 3, 1 Peter 3, etc. and I’ve seen men inhale, filling their lungs to make their chests looked muscular, and I’ve heard women exhale sighs of “finally!”

I’ve also seen the explosions that ensue, and have watched as the order of things returned to what they were before – with myself being held responsible for the whole kerfuffle.

You see, we want to want the right things, and we are able to identify the right things to want. We just have problems pulling it all together into actual obedience.

I say all that to introduce this link to an article by Dan Phillips. It’s pretty helpful. And remember – he said it. Don’t get mad at me.


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