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The Rob Bell Kerfuffle

March 24, 2011

[Edit: since this post was originally, um, posted, I have read much of the book and my review is this: phfthftt!]

Rob Bell has written a book, Love Wins, in which he repackages universalism to appeal to the tragically hip. It has caused quite the hubbub about the Evangelical www. I thought it might be helpful to post a couple of links dealing with the issue for those interested.

First, you can watch the video promoting the book here.

Justin Taylor links a bunch of things here.

Doug Wilson answers very well.

And, finally, Martin Bashir interviews Bell and seems to make him a little wiggly.

Of course there are both defenders and detractors in such a conversation as this. Feel free to use your Googler to hunt it down  if you’d like to learn more.


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  1. That guy makes absolutely no sense at all.

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